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Big Boy's Neighborhood

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You won't believe how much this Tank Top cost...and it's on SALE! #SMH

Summer is right around the corner so I decided to do some Summer clothes shopping and I decided to search Clearance items. I hit the filter for lowest prices and then I was curious on the highest price section. What I found is just plain stupid! I found shorts and shirts starting at $150 + and they are on CLEARANCE! The disturbing part is looking at the original MSRP and knowing that there is some dumbass buying these at regular price. Check out the last one! 

Shorts that make you look like you pooped yourself for $167!? 

Basic ass shorts that if you ripped them like this, you would be pissed!? 

White Shorts with some pockets for $188 but look at the original price! WTF? 

Who in the world would buy this See Thru skin tight shirt for $205!? MSRP $680 GET THE EFF OUTTA HERE! 

This is the one that really threw me off. Ok, a basic ass tank top that is originally $895 is on Clearance for $270!? You gotta be really stupid, with more stupid to buy this. If you are interested in a tank top I have some fore sale for $100 and better quality. Hit me up @LouieGeezy 

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