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Is Irv Gotti Relaunching Murda Inc. Records?

Could Murder Inc. be making a comeback?

Former CEO Irv Gotti took to Instagram and announced that he has, "2 years to heat some NEW ARTIST. And when that happens. Wouldn't a Murder Inc Tour with ALL MY MURDER INC ARTIST BE SOMETHING. Yes. You heard right. Imagine on 1 Stage. All My Murder Inc Artist. New and the Mega Stars that happened under that MURDER INC Flag On 1 Stage. Giving y'all all that Dope Feel Good Music."

He said after his daughter went to a Ruff Ryder Reunion, she inspired him to make this reunion happen. Gotti also, confirmed that him and Ja Rule are solid, Oh and Me and Rule. Y'all should already know. That's forever. He is with me. And I am with him. Til the Casket Drops. That's who me and Rule are. And you can add BLACKCHILD to that too. But you know what everyone. I'm breathing and feeling different. My mind is so open."

Are you here for a Murder Inc. comeback?

Lil #TBT never hurt nobody or did it?

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