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Someone Is About To Retire, Is It Logic Or J. Cole?

Logic dropped his new album, EVERYBODY, that has EVERYBODY talking because he touches many important issues from race to suicide, self-love, and more. 

He wasn't trying to go down J. Cole's path, go platinum with NO FEATURES, he had a handful of features (not like Khaled, but you understand what we mean) - Chuck D, Black Thought, Killer Mike, Alessia Cara, and more.... but the one verse EVERYBODY is talking about was J. Cole's HIDDEN VERSE on the last song, AfricAryaN!

Look, we all know J. Cole keeps amazing secrets... he got married, is going to be/is a dad, dropped an album.... and kept it all a secret! So back to Cole's surprise in Logic's song..... you won't catch the verse if you're the kind of person who just listens to the beginning of the songs and decides if they like it or not from there because Jermaine comes in towards the end of the 12 min song!

Now before we get into Cole's verse.... for anyone who doesn't know too much about Logic, his dad is Black and his mother is White... exactly like J. Cole (and Drake)! But Logic gets heat for using the "n word" in his music while the others don't, peep the interview where he talks about it.

Like the rest of the songs on the album, this song has a very powerful meaning. Logic talks about how difficult it has been for him, because he is biracial and how it affected him in both Black and White communities. (Listen to Cole's verse below)

Well... was it really a secret?

Okay, so this is where the confusion comes in... this is the last line before Cole's verse

"Damn man we’ve been walking forever

Well Thalias tracking system says we’ll be there in just over an hour

Shit at least we got good walking music or is that it?

Oh no man I’m cueing up the fourth album now, his final one..."

Whose fourth album? J. Cole dropped his fourth and Logic dropped is 3rd. Is J. Cole done or is Logic about to be done? A lot of fans are worried and confused.

Either way, this isn't great news... we want them both to keep making music (but they do have lives, so we'll be understanding.) 

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