Did You Hear J.Cole in Logic's New Album?

If you didn't catch it before that's Cole sitting on the top in the cover of EVERYBODY .

The day is finally here as promised, Logic has dropped his third studio album titled EVERYBODY. I gotta say that there is a lot of fire packed in this project but the big surprise is in the final track, "AfricAryaN," where you can hear a hidden verse from J.Cole. The track list astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson but does not list J.Cole on it. Logic goes in on his biracial complexities, which Cole is no stranger to and raps, 

"All I wanted was acceptanceMy latest lesson/ I'll never feel your approval until I accept my own/ Come from a messed up home/ Destitute and less informed/ About the ways to raise a child up/ To not become a product/ Of his environment, I need to cry and vent/ But I done built this wall up/ Actin' like everything's all good/ But in reality I'm lookin' for something/ Through bumpin' my favorite rappers I came up after/ Nas, Cole and Hov/ Eyes closed / I zone till 5 or so in the morn/ I'm used to being alone/ Shit you know how long I've been out on my own/ Chasing dreams, fantasies of a throne/ One day I wake up and see that it didn't exist all along/ Till then I will pen verses that fans consider brilliant/ Boosting my ego with every million that spills in/ And still thenI won't find solace, so where's the logic in that?/ Worrying 'bout if they think Logic could rap/ When it all goes back to a childhood, need to be loved/ By parents that was in too deep with the drugs/ Nigga, my advice, fuck the black and white shit/ Be who you are, identify as a star/ No one tells you you're that/ It's something that you just know/ The world be stealing your glow". [From Genius] For the rest of Cole's verse plus many gems from Logic, make sure you cop EVERYBODY, available now on iTunes. 

If you didn't catch it before that's Cole sitting on the top in the cover of EVERYBODY.

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