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Backstage with Big Boy and Dj Khaled

Dj Khaled walked into the Real 92.3 performance lounge and greeted a small audience of 70+ cheering fans by snapping his entrance. He took his seat at the end of the table decked in a fresh blue sweatsuit. An iconic "C" logo on his chest played like a visual mantra that he wanted to pass along to others..."Champion".

Dj Khaled is truly a unique person. He stays positive and he motivates others to do the same. In the couple hours that followed he tirelessly shared backstory after backstory. The way he couples each tale to a positive moral transforms the words coming from his mouth from mere storytelling to poignant fable. 

Dj Khaled's follow up album to "Major Key" is mentioned to be released on April 24th. "Grateful" contains the song "Shining" that features both Jay-Z and Beyoncé—Khaled admits that the husband/wife pairing was a rarity. Watch the clip below.

Big Boy took some select questions from the audience. One was about his fascination with flowers. His first response drew a quick chuckle "Because they don't argue" but the true answer? Watch the clip below.

Another question submitted was about diss records. The passion in his response and the look on his face backed up what all his work has been about—bringing people together. In this clip he quickly shook his head and reinforced that he was about the love. 

His instagram led us to believe the artist could be on the album. In this clip he confirmed the rumors for the appearances on "Grateful". Of the names the Neighborhood threw out: Chance the Rapper, Big Sean, Justin Bieber, Bryson Tiller. He clearly got stuck on the mention of Justin Bieber. He explains it below.

This interview is just over an hour long—but rightly so. Dj Khaled is one of the biggest names in music — 10 studio albums since 2006 as well as credits in countless singles, guest appearances, features, and production — and he's a social media icon. Watch the full interview below.

Take a look at some of the moments from our "Backstage with Big Boy and Dj Khaled" event. (credit: @flashpointgrafix)

Big Boy's Neighborhood family photos.

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