Marlon Wayans in Big Boy's Neighborhood

In the full interview below Marlon talks about how Big Boy has changed! Skip to 4 mins and see how deep they cut into each other.

He also talked about his NBC show "Marlon" and "Naked".

Marlon: A loving (but immature) father with a larger-than-life personality is committed to co-parenting his two kids with his very-together ex-wife but for Marlon family really always does come first - even if he's the biggest kid of all. 

Here's the synopsis for Naked—watch the trailer below.

Naked: Nervous about finally getting married a guy is forced to relive the same nerve-wracking hours over and over again until he gets things right on his wedding day.

Big Boy took calls and had Marlon judge their jokes. He demanded a funny joke—no pressure!

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