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Big Boy's Neighborhood

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LaDainian Tomlinson Joins the Los Angeles Chargers!

LaDainian Tomlinson announced that he was joining and the Los Angeles Chargers and sat with Big Boy to talk about it.

Big Boy asked if there was any resistance when fans found out that he was coming to the Los Angeles Chargers. In the context of the recent selling out of Chargers season tickets his response is a sure sign of great sign of a solidifying fanbase. 

LT explained:

"Of course [there was resistance]. Listen, people in San Diego are hurt. Obviously. Here's my thing. I'm a Charger. I have that lightning bolt tattooed on my calf." He continued, "This is my family so it doesn't matter where they are. If i can be an asset to the organization that's what I'm going to do. I truly feel for the fans in San Diego. I'm still going to to be doing things in that community. I'm not leaving that community. I think that there's a point where you have to forgive. Our true Charger fans will understand and continue to support the franchise."

He ends the clip with a response to Natalia's question about super fans and LT went into his enjoyment of Chargers vs Raiders fans with a little bit of player insight:

"We used to bet on how many fights there would be at the stadium!" pretending to point at a fight in the stands "Hold on Phil [Rivers] don't call the play yet!"

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