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Huge Oscars screw-up makes Twitter go nuts!

The 2017 Oscars ended in an unbelievable, jaw-dropping fail. The original Bonnie and Clyde, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, re-joined on stage to announce the winner for Best Picture. After a long pause Beatty shows the card to Dunaway for her to read off "La La Land". 

Under applause, the La La Land cast make their trek to the stage and immediately begin their thank-you's. The speech was cut short with a confusing "We didn't win".

Watch the video below. 

It's not the first flub on stage. Remember John Travolta's announcement of "Adel Dazim" (Idina Menzel)?

Here's Travolta with Jimmy Kimmel explaining the situation.

The original flub that everyone will no doubt refer to is from Steve Harvey for the 2015 Miss Universe.

It's all good Steve! Here he is setting the record straight.

Twitter lit up to troll the situation. Check out these tweets:

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