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Off-Duty Officer Shoots His Gun Around a Crowd of Teens!

Yesterday an off-duty LAPD officer dragged a 13 year-old boy back and forth onto his yard in Anaheim, California. Two of the children were arrested and the cop was not. This has left many people extremely upset to the point that many took the streets of Anaheim to protest. This is the most complete footage I could find. There are many side to every story, but videos don't lie. The backstory is that there was a young girl who was walking across the officers lawn, he used foul language to tell her to get off. The little boy being grabbed in the video defended her and was also on the property at which point the officer called him a cunt. Now, I can imagine that the kid might have mouthed off too, I get that. What I don't understand is how a grown ass man would think it's remotely okay to grab and man handle ANY child or person like this. As a police officer he should have way better judgement and handle this situation better. He took it to the extent of firing his firearm (luckily no one was shot) but that alone is a major red flag. What if that bullet had penetrated a kid? If this had been an ongoing issue, he should've filled a report and called it into the station followed proper protocol as any other citizen would've have been expected to do. If this is the way this officer handles a situation that has to do with kids, how then on God's earth is he in the slightest bit fit to protect and serve the rest of society? How would you feel if this was your child, friend, or family member? Below is footage of the protest. I love that people are stepping out and speaking up but i ask that you do so in a civilized and respectful manner. Anything else is counter productive, like smashing windows or vandalizing private property. 

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