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Celebrating 13 Years of The College Dropout!

13 years ago today, February 10, 2004 the iconic Kanye West dropped his debut album, The College Dropout. If there is an undisputed fact is that Kanye turned heads and forever made his mark in hip-hop; showing he was hungrier and very capable of being much more than just a producer. The College Dropout, charted number two in the US Billboard 200 Chart. Selling 441,000 copies the first week and winning a grammy for the Best Rap Album at the 47th Grammy Awards. Fast forward to today, Ye is a very successful rapper, song writer, record producer, with seven studio albums deep, a fashion designer, and of course a family man. Let's celebrate the right way. Enjoy!

If you ever need an example of will and determination just look at how Kanye was able to rap with his mouth wired-shut. Fun Fact: Chaka Kan's, "Through the fire" was sampled for Kanye's, "Through The Wire".

There's no doubt that after you heard Slow Jams you were stuck saying, "She got a light-skinned friend look like Michael JacksonGot a dark-skinned friend look like Michael Jackson" lol

"God show me the way because the Devil's tryin' to break me down"

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