Dad Uses Math Lesson To Explain Why Toilet Paper Hoarding In Unnecessary


You've likely witnessed the panic buying at the stores, with people practically buying pallets of toilet paper.

But do you actually realize how long those rolls will last? The dad of TikTok user naomi.corson does.

He did the math.

"Go to Costco, big huge thing of toilet paper has 30 rolls. Now each [roll] has 425 sheets. That is 12,750 sheets per case of toilet paper. So that means 20 sheets per s**t. Which comes down to 637.5 s**ts per case. And that is 45.5 s**ts per day," the man explains.

"So a person who grabbed four cases of toilet paper from Costco for a family of four, quarantined for the required 14 days, would need to s**t 182 times a day to use the purchased amount of toilet paper at 20 sheets per s**t, he continued, adding at the end of his lesson, "Now let's all calm down."

What is something you irrationally bought in these last two weeks?

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