A$AP Rocky Denied Bail Being Held Under Inhumane Conditions in Sweden Jail

It's been about two weeks since A$AP Rocky was arrested and thrown into a Sweden jail over a brawl that happened with some weird fans that seemed to be under the strong influence of something. Rocky even showed on his IG that he and his crew didn't want any problems but the man persisted. The altercation happened and allegedly one man was left bloody and beaten. 

According to BBC, A$AP could be detained for another two weeks. He has already missed a show in Sweden. Swedish authorities had until Saturday to decide whether to formally take action. If the investigation isn't concluded in two weeks' time, they can apply to keep A$AP Rocky for another two weeks. In the meantime, A$AP's charge charge has been reduced from aggravated assault to assault but was denied bail and is being held under inhumane conditions. Sleeping on a yoga mat, being given inedible food, dirty water and theirs even feces involved. 

Many have taken to social media to show their support with the hashtag #FreeRocky including Tyler The Creator, and Schoolboy Q are showing their support for A$AP Rocky and claiming that they are boycotting Sweden. "No more Sweden for me ever," said Tyler on Twitter.

 "I'm not going nomo either," replied Schoolboy Q. 

Should the U.S. government step in to help get Rocky freed?

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