Dead Sugar Daddy Is Haunting His Sugar Baby! [WATCH]


Okay, wild story time! A woman has posted an Instagram tribute to her sugar daddy after he died. Amanda Drago's Instagram post has gone viral after wrote about their “toxic relationship”. Drago spoke with Buzzfeed News and said that she met Brad while being an escort and they “dated” off and on for five years. 

He bought her Louboutins, a Birkin bag and a racing horse and he routinely deposited large amounts of money into her account. After he attacked her for not wanting to have sex with him while high on whippets and needing a bath, she cut the relationship loose. Five months later he deposited $16,000 into her account, so she saw him again. 

Drago didn’t hear from him after plans for Brad to pay for a spa day, his housekeeper tried to call her to inform her on his death but she didn’t believe it until his mother called asking for his wallet and she saw him dead in the hospital. Later Drago says she was haunted by Brad, she heard sound in her home and would get $2 bills, which Brad usually used to tip with. Oh, and did I mention that Drago had a boyfriend the entire time, and their still together? What is your reaction to this story? Is it wrong to be a ‘sugar baby’?


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