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The harder you work the luckier you are. That about sums up the career of Ani Caribbean so far. For as long as she can remember Ani has been obsessed with music and radio. Growing up listening to Big Boy’s Neighborhood, her passion came to life when she landed a job working with the show as a board operator. After mastering the technical aspects of Big Boy’s Neighborhood, Ani added social media to her responsibilities for the show. In 2016 Ani was recognized for her hard work with her big break from Big Boy, her own Neighborhood segment called Hashtag Hip Hop.

She’s almost as passionate about her hookah as she is about music. Next time you’re at a concert, make sure to look around because she’ll probably be standing next to you singing along to EVERY SINGLE WORD. In her spare time if she’s not smoking hookah or obsessing over the latest makeup trends, you could find her at the latest hotspots trying out the best coffee or must-have dish (which of course you can find some of her favorites on Instagram, along with her countless selfies.) 

With her full schedule, Ani still finds time to manage her personal social platform that reaches over 140 Thousand fans. If you have a chance, look for her @AniCaribbean.