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Quavo Shares The True Meaning Behind His Upcoming 'Rocket Power' Album

Quavo is giving fans a better understanding of the meaning behind his upcoming project.

On Tuesday, May 23, the Georgia native shared intimate details about the title of his second studio album Rocket Power. The initial inspiration for the title is his late nephew TakeOff, who was shot and killed in Houston last year. Quavo used the process of making the project as his own version of therapy in the months following Take's death. He also explained that the album is meant to keep him going and to give him fuel to continue on in hs career, and life in general.

"This album is for the Rocket, our true fans and also this is my therapy," Quavo wrote. "This is album is a true reflection of how I feel right now. Sometimes I’m Good, sometimes I’m Down, sometimes I’m Disappointed, sometimes I fall apart but then I ALWAYS find my strength again. I know everything might not be alright right now, but the rocket showed me a way to make it RIGHT! Rocket Power keeps me going. Rocket Power gives me fuel. Rocket Power will help us all overcome whatever we’re going through."

Real fans will understand what to expect especially after hearing his most recent songs. Two months after TakeOff's death, the 32-year-old released "Without You" and later performed it for the first time with the Maverick City Music at the 2023 Grammy Awards. He also dropped "Greatness," a confident, uplifting banger that indicates the direction he's taking his career. Back in March, he delivered his most recent single "Honey Bun."

At the moment, there's no confirmed release date for the album, but Quavo assures his fans that it's "coming soon."