FedEx Driver Doesn't Help an 89-year-old Man Who Fell

A FedEx driver was caught on video refusing to help an older man who had fallen down. The incident happened in Freeport, Texas on Saturday. The scene was recorded on a doorbell camera. The 89-year-old man was on the ground outside of his home. The man screamed at the FedEx driver, "Hello, help please. Give me a hand. I need to get up." The driver replied, "I can't do that boss." The man's daughter, Maria Kouches, posted the video on Facebook. She said the driver didn't ring the doorbell or call 911. Her father suffers from dementia and has fallen before. He was on the ground 15 minutes before the FedEx driver passed by. Maria said her father is OK. FedEx is reviewing the incident and said appropriate action will be taken. When did you see someone blatantly not help another person in distress? 

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