Bow Wow Offers $10K Reward For Motorcycle Stolen By 'Two White Boys'

Bow Wow is offering $10,000 to anyone with information on the two criminals he claims stole his motorcycle.

The “Bounce With Me” rapper took to social media Wednesday (July 1) with screenshots of the “two white boys” caught on security cameras getting away with his wheels.

“I go to ride my motorcycle and realize that my s—t is missing,” Bow Wow said in an Instagram video, published on Worldstarhiphop. “I go look at the security cameras. I see two jerk offs, two white boys, right. Tattoos on a silver and black motorcycle butt buddying, riding together.”

“They pull up. I watched the camera. They take my bike,” the 33-year-old entertainer continued. “I know y’all didn’t know that was my bike but now y’all do know. It’s a problem.”

Willing to let the situation slide, the “Like You” star gave the bandits an ultimatum. “So, listen we can do this two ways,” Bow Wow offered. “Either y’all can return my s—t and I’ll just call a spade a spade.

“But if I gotta find y’all and take time out of my business schedule to get my s—t back, which I will,” he insisted, “You know once I throw up a cash prize to find you two jerk offs… y’all not going far, man.”

“Im going to find you I swear to god,” Bow Wow captioned a screenshot of one of the crooks in question, who wears a black helmet and a light grey shirt that reveals a tattoo on his right arm. Another screengrab shows the driver picking up another person — an alleged accomplice — wearing a black t-shirt and a black and yellow backpack before speeding away.

Later, Bow Wow took to Twitter offering a cash reward for any clues about the thiefs. "ANYBODY IN ATLANTA - buckhead midtown area know these clowns HIT MY DM ASAP ON IG NOW!!!” he tweeted. “YALL STOLE THE WRONG BIKE! ITS UP! CASH REWARD"

Photo: Getty Images

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