Disney Will Re-theme Splash Mountain as 'The Princess and the Frog'!

A couple weeks ago, people asked Disney to change the theme of their ride "Splash Mountain" because the theme was based off "Song of the South" - which is an old Disney movie, many have described the film's portrayal of African Americans as racist and offensive, maintaining that the black vernacular and other qualities are stereotypes. ... The Disney theme park ride Splash Mountain is based on the film.

So Disney listened and they have announced that they will re-theme the ride and now it will be centered around the movie "The Princess and the Frog"

The actress who played Tiana in the movie, Anika Noni Rose said this in a statement

"It is really excited to know that Princess Tiana's presence in both Disneyland and Magic Kingdom will finally be fully realized! As passionate as I am about what we created, I know the fans are going to to be over the moon. The Imagineers are giving us the Princess and the Frog Mardis Gras celebration we've been waiting for, and I'm here for it!,"

And apparently Disney has been working on this project since last year, so according to them they already planned on changing it! CLICK HERE to see what they're aiming the ride to look like!

Also if you haven't heard, Disney has announced that they will be delaying the opening to Disneyland!