Man With Knife Sticking Out of His Head Calmly Gives Interview, Watch

I didn’t even think this was real when I first saw the story.

A man in Bronx, New York, was seen calmly talking to a reporter with a knife stuck in his head.

Yup, a knife in his head.

According to the New York Post, Roberto Perez got stabbed with a knife in the head during a brawl.

via New York Post:

They said Perez allegedly roughed up a female companion, who responded by plunging the knife into his head.
The NYPD, however, said the victim and a 34-year-old woman were on the same side of a dispute against another man.
That man allegedly slashed the unidentified woman across the cheek before lodging the knife in Perez’s head and fleeing.
A doctor at the hospital said Perez was treated in the intensive care unit, and his female
the companion was also checked out.
“They both appeared to be on drugs,” the physician said.
No arrests or charges were immediately announced.

When you watch the video, it seems like he doesn’t even know there’s a knife in his head, he’s just so calm!

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