Sign Petition for #JusticeforAndresGuardado Brutal Murder by LASD Deputies

Posted by childhood friend Edgar Perez:

Last night in the late afternoon Andrés Guardado was shot 7 times by sheriffs who pointed out guns to Andres who was working at the auto body shop as a Security Guard. He had been working for to monitor and avoid vandalism of the business.

When the cops pulled up on him he ran for his life since he was in fear for his life. Rather than deescalating the problem they decided to shoot him SEVEN TIMES AS HE FEARED FOR HIS LIFE.

They stated they were warning shots, one shot is a warning not SEVEN. Nonetheless they did not have a reason to shoot he was an unarmed security guard.

The owner saw it all and the cops have portrayed Andrés Guardado to have a gun on him when in reality he is an unarmed security guard.

Andrés Guardado was my childhood friend and we grew up in the same apartment building that my family still resides in. He was 18 years old and left behind a loving family, a full time student and a employee of two jobs with no criminal background. He was always helpful around the neighborhood and always cared for his family first.

Please sign the petition and share it, we need this publicized. We hope to achieve the video shared to the public of both surveillance and the Sheriffs’ body cameras , a public service announcement by the Mayor Of Gardena and Los Angeles, and also a thorough investigation of the situation and hold accountable and file charges against every single sheriff involved in the murder. We must not stay silent and express the intolerance of abuse of authority! We will continue until justice is served! #JUSTICEFORANDRES