Here's What America’s First Socially Distanced Concert Looked Like

With the first socially distanced concert taking place in Arkansas, many new rules are being put in place to protect concert staff as concertgoers.

Travis McCready is the first artist to hold a concert since the Coronavirus pandemic started. The show took place in Fort Smith, Arkansas, at TempleLive, a venue that holds typically 1,000 people whittled down to a capacity of 200.

If you go to a concert now, here’s what to expect: your temperature will be taken upon entry, all rails will be wiped down and sanitized. Seats and urinals will be blocked off to allow for enough space between people. Markers will be placed on the floor to remind people to remain six feet apart.

The venue provided branded masks for everyone, these measures were taken by TempleLive after receiving a cease and desist order from the Arkansas Department of Health for not meeting standards.

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