Instagram Model Couldn’t Sit For Six Months After Butt Surgery Went Wrong

A 25-year-old Instagram model from New Delhi, India, says she couldn't sit on her booty for about six months after getting it done. 

Shilpa Sethi has over 1.2 million followers on IG, and that's where she flaunts her perfect body.

Beauty cost, though, and it cost her almost $60k! Not initially, initially, she paid $10,000 for her booty. She got work done on her body when she was 20 years old from a doctor in Miami, but things didn't go as planned. The surgery was botched, and she had complications immediately. 

The butt lift involved taking fat from her waist and injecting it into her booty, and this left her with a lopsided backside and a lot of pain!

'I have always admired a curvy body, and I was very flat at first,' she told DailyMail.  

Since then, she's had reconstruction surgery, which overall cost her up to $60,000. She's telling her story now, so people don't go through what she went through. 

She chose her doctor through what she found later happened to be fake reviews.

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