Dancing Orange County Grocery Store Worker Unbothered By Rude Customer

The real hero in this video is the store clerk, and i'll explain why and I think you'll most likely agree!

A video that went viral on Sunday afternoon was of a woman named Shelley Lewis, who refused to wear a face mask inside a Gelson's Market.

It took place in Dana Point in Orange County. Gelson's, like most stores, requires all employees and customers to wear a mask while inside the store.

Lewis recorded a video of her refusing to wear a mask, and she then posted it on Facebook. After her video received so much backlash, she took it down and deactivated her Facebook. Once you post something online, know it'll always live there, the video started trending on Twitter. Since then, she's deactivated her Facebook account.

But why was the real star the store clerk?

He was happily dancing as he wiped down the shopping cart, saying he's usually a bartender and is grateful to have this job!

This is how unbothered and happy we should all strive to be!

Twitter reactions:

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