Kylie Jenner’s Daughter Stormi Shows Us 'Paticence' in Chocolate Challenge

Video Kylie Jenner shared the most adorable video of her daughter, Stormi.

There’s a challenge for toddlers that shows how much patience they have. 

Kylie left a bowl of chocolate on a table and told Stormi she could have three pieces of candy when she returned from the bathroom. 

Stormi showed great restraint as she waited for her mother to return and at one point leaned her hands on the table as she lunged for the candy, but she didn’t take any and instead sat back on the couch and began to sing, “patience, patience” When Kylie returned, Stormi was ecstatic that she’d be able to get her treats. 

Do you think your toddler would’ve been able to show the same restraint as Stormi?

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