Unarmed Black Man Killed By Driver Who Became Upset

After Minor Car Accident A 39-year-old unarmed black man was killed after a minor car accident took place in Minnesota. Anthony J. Trifiletti, a 24-year old white man, killed Douglas C. Lewis, after a couple of confrontations following the accident. 

Lewis had bumped Trifiletti’s car from behind, the two men got out and an argument ensued.

Trifiletti pulled his gun on Lewis and shot him four times at point-blank range. 

Trifiletti turned himself into police and said he, “feared for his life because he thought Lewis was going to pull out a gun,” however police confirmed that Lewis was unarmed. 

Lewis’ bail was initially set at $1 million but was lowered to $500,000 with conditions or $750,000 without conditions. 

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