New Video Shows the Deadly Shooting of Unarmed Black Man by Two White Men!

The deadly shooting of a black jogger in Georgia is headed to a grand jury, as new video of the incident surfaces online.

The graphic video appears to show 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery jogging when he is confronted by two white men in a pickup truck, one of whom is holding a rifle. 

Arbery was shot after briefly struggling with the man holding the gun.  

The shooter says he believed Arbery was a burglar and was making a 'citizen's arrest'. 

Arbery's family says he committed no crime and was killed because of his race.

Prosecutors are seeking a grand jury to decide if the men will be charged.

Is it NEVER reasonable to use deadly force while making a 'citizen's arrest' and this prosecution of this horrible racist men that hunted Ahmaud down to his death deserve capital punishment.


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