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50 Cent Claps Back At Fan's Lip Injections After Rude Comment


50 Cent as time so if you're sensitive don't leave any rude comments on his instagram page. He really gets a kick out of it and if you're clout chasing, it won't work... he won't TAG you! LOL.

So his latest victim (lol) is a woman who left a comment on his instagram page saying that he wasn't raised by a woman because he took money back from a stripper at the strip club (video below.)

And 50 Cent CAME BACK at her, check out the picture and caption below: 


Here's the video of him at the strip club taking money:

50 Cent Caught Taking Money Back At Strip Club
50 Cent Caught Taking Money Back At Strip Club
50 Cent is making headlines once again after a video of him collecting money off of a stripper stage is going viral. But according to 50, there's good reasoning behind it.

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