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Girl Grows Her Booty Without Surgery & The Change Is Inspiring!


Okay, before you start feeling down about your body, chill out. You can have a body just like Karina's! 

No surgery needed but you do need to put in some time and hard work! 

If you want a nice booty or a nice BODY in general, you gotta make sure you WORK OUT and that includes WEIGHTS! Don't skip out on weights, whether or not you're in the gym working out just make sure you use weights.

Here's the story of Karina Rutledge, a San Diego State University student, who got big into weight-lifting and altered her body shape. It all started when she got out of a toxic relationship with her boyfriend of 2 years who cheated on her with her roommate!

She began her journey on her new body by lifting weights and working on her glutes. 

When she spoke to Uniland she said:

"After we broke up I was sad. I didn’t know how to pick myself up again. I finally got out of a toxic relationship and I just didn’t have a clue what to do.

Then I started seeing all of these fitness gurus on Instagram and YouTube how they were able to transform their bodies by lifting weights.

I couldn’t believe it! I asked my friends, Drew and Eden, to show me the ropes. To take me to the gym. I then started to realise that, while I was lifting, I wasn’t sad anymore.

I was filled with all of these endorphins and I was genuinely happy. I started watching a ton of workout videos on YouTube and deleted my calorie tracker. I was focused on eating more and lifting heavy.

I made this journal with a ton of research I did on how to grow your glutes. It was the reason how I was able to literally change my body shape."

Here's a photo of her before (Photo courtesy of Uniland)

I'm so inspired! I'm literally about to go sign up at the gym once I get off work today.


Go on Karina!

Read more of Karina's story:

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