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Who is Lil Tay? We Found Out The TRUTH!


Being an obnoxious and outspoken child is all you really need to go viral these days. 

Meet "Lil Tay" who I would consider one of the MOST annoying kids on Instagram. I don't want to hate on a little kid, but her parents should be looking after her.


If you're not sure, she's the 9-year-old self-proclaimed rapper who posts videos calling everyone a f***ing broke ass and yells about how much richer she is than you, even using the N-word; 

Leaving everyone asking, "Where are her parents?" (Literally just asked that question.)


We may finally have an answer. 

(I added this extra space to make this seem a little bit more dramatic.) 

Turns out, her parents may have been there the whole time. 

The woman who has been spotted filming Lil Tay is apparently her own MOTHER, a realtor from Vancouver Canada, which could explain the lavish houses she films her videos in, and Lil Tay is supposedly all just a persona created for entertainment.


But is a 9-year-old calling people the N-Word and yelling about how she's going to f*** your mama and become your daddy, really entertainment? Is this child's entire upbringing in danger?

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