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Five Facts To Know About Malia Obama's Harvard Boyfriend


Looks like Malia Obama is dating a Harvard boy. Barack Obama's 19-year-old daughter was recently spotted making out with a tall and handsome mystery guy during a Harvard-Yale football game, and DailyMail.com has tracked down the identity of Malia's new man: 19-year-old student Rory Farquharson from the UK.

Rory is originally from the UK where he attended one of England's most prestigious schools, the Rugby School, before deciding to transfer to Harvard, and is in his sophomore year there.

So who is Rory? Here are five facts to know about Malia's new Harvard boyfriend:

1. Apparently, he's "quite a catch."

Before heading to Harvard, he attended Rugby School in the UK where he was selected at Head of School, a position chosen by the school principal, and is the link between teachers and students. According to DailyMail.com, being Head of School "usually goes to the most outstanding student - both academically and socially - of the year. In fact, one school insider told the publication that he is "quite a catch" and was "very popular."


2. He plays rugby and golf.

While at Rugby School, he played the sport that the school is famous for, as well as the golf. And his extracurricular activities didn't stop at sports -- Rory was also a member of the school's chemistry club, the Blue Bunsen Society.

3. He follows Donald Trump on Twitter, but not Barack Obama -- Malia's father.

Maybe that will change now?


4. He once interned with the Centre for Democracy and Peace Building in Northern Ireland.

However, DailyMail.com says he seems much more interested in finance, as it runs in the family. His father, Charles Farquharson, is a chief executive and director of an investment fund management group in London.

5. He's tall. 

Malia is 6'1" and in the photos, Rory seems to be slightly taller. You go, Glen Coco.


Photo: AOL

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