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Cardi B Makes History... AGAIN!

posted by @AniCaribbean - 

We makin' MONEY MOVES! Our girl Cardi B, who will be at our Real SHow LA November 18 at the Forum, made history when she broke the First Three Top 10's on Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs Chart! Go on girl!

Who doesn't love Cardi (the haters.... we know) but seriously, she's awesome... her music is LIT and she's down to earth! Okay, I haven't really met her, but you catch my drift. We're so happy for C.B. (don't confuse these initials for Chris Brown, although we're always happy for anything he does because he's so fine... and very talented, but fine.)

Anyway, I got sidetracked a bit, excuse my hormones.... go Cardi go!


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