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NYPD: Cardi B's Alleged Cop Choke Hold Seems Made Up

posted by TMZ - 

(TMZ) -- Cardi B's claim she was choked out by a cop doesn't pass NYPD's smell test -- at least for now -- 'cause they can't find any evidence of it ... TMZ has learned.

NYPD Assistant Commissioner Peter Donald tells TMZ ... NYPD conducted a full investigation into the Bronx rapper's allegation an officer put her in a choke hold Tuesday and slammed her up against her SUV. He says they can't find any proof it happened.

Donald says commanders in each precinct around Columbus Circle, where Cardi claims the choke hold went down, looked into all records and surveillance video of the area and could not find a thing to support her account.

As TMZ first reported ... although she's pissed off about the incident, she isn't talking about legal action.

Photo: AOL


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