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Kanye West Responds To Cancelled Tour Countersuit & He Shows No Mercy

posted by Isha Thorpe -

Back in August, Kanye West and Very Good Touring, Inc. -- which is his touring company -- filed a lawsuit against insurance company Lloyd’s of London for $10 million.

According to West, the insurance company didn't pay him for his cancelled "Saint Pablo" tour. Just a few weeks later, Lloyd's of London responded with a countersuit of its own and said that the rapper's tour cancellation was “not beyond [his] control.”

TMZ reported: "Kanye West isn't getting paid for his cancelled tour because Lloyd's of London believes his breakdown was his own fault, and fueled by prescription drugs and illegal drugs ... according to a new lawsuit... Lloyd's doesn't state specifically that Kanye was using drugs and/or booze, but claims something he did triggered the policy exclusions that refer to using substances."

Now, West is responding to this countersuit with some new receipts legal documents. Obtained by Pitchfork, this paperwork says that Lloyd's of London's reasoning for refusing to pay him is untrue.“The Counterclaim should be withdrawn or stricken,” West's docs state. 

West's attorney, Howard King, declined further comment to Pitchfork about his client's latest response. Read the new legal documents here

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