‘Jeweler Ben Baller vs Model Sasha Singleton’ or ‘How to throw EVERYONE under the bus in one blog post’

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This is SUPER long but it’s great for all of you that: live in Los Angeles, ever went to a club in Hollywood within the past 10 years, ever were into import cars, ever went to a Hot Import Nights event… or know any of the following people mentioned in this diss. Mentioned are Sasha Singleton (aka Cije Singleton), B.Ballers friend Jonas, Amber, Lisa and Thai, Doannie, Carolyn, Jeri Lee, B.Ballers friend Brent, Lisa Kaye, Lisa Fleming. Ben Baller has cajones. Let it burn Ben Baller. Let it Burn.

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the truth about cats and dogs…
I have a disclaimer, what I’m about to do is single handedly expose a woman’s life who has back stabbed me and betrayed me beyond belief. I wasn’t necessarily oblivious to our relationship, I just focused on providing for her and mainly getting super busy with my grind so we could proceed to start a family. I’m actually not even exposing her out of spite, I’m doing this as a good Samaritan to for warn all the men out there who don’t know better so they don’t get caught up. I’m lightweight embarrassed but I’m more excited about releasing all the negativity that has surrounded me for the past year…. why write this and talk about this in bad taste? sorry, the bitch just deserves this. AGAIN, I’M STATING FACTS AND ACTUAL OCCURRENCES, NO FALSE TALES OR LIES… It took a lot for me to write these things about my personal life and her’s so understand that I’m saying this in a fully coherent clear state of mind. I’ve thought about this for a good 48 hours sober…. so here we go

So it begins with a girl named Cije Singleton aka her stage name Sasha Singleton who started out modeling for playboy magazine just over 10 years ago…. from there she went to the import scene and made a name for herself and was named HIN model of the year… blah blah blah…

so let’s get to Cije’s background… she has a 8 year old son who she barely sees and basically neglects, gives him false hope and empty promises and yet it took me this year to fix and bond the relationship between her baby’s father and herself after almost 6 months of not even visiting him once…. why did I do this? I will keep it funky again…. after a few weeks of dating her, I found out Cije aka Sasha was pregnant with my child. now understand, I pack plastic like no other, I even wore a condom almost 95% of the time in all my past relationships… anyways, I didn’t after a few times because I felt for the 1st time, damn, I’m dating a woman in her 30′s who’s sorta got her shit together(whoops on my part for not doing a bigger background check) so anyways…. she basically got fucked over by her ex bf(so she says) who is a club promoter… and had to move in with her brother’s boyfriend’s house and basically sleep on a couch… 1 of the reasons why she didn’t want her son there in that house on top of the fact that the owner of the house was a complete drug addict and she ended up using him as well, which is sad….. but I won’t lie, waking up next to Sasha in the morning is a site to see, she goes the extra route to take care of her skin and everything…. but the insides are rotten to the core. of course with any relationship, the early part is always bliss and we moved fast. It’s different no doubt when you’re 36 dating compared to when you’re 24 dating, you cut out all the bullshit, don’t waste time, you cut the chase and don’t play games. If you like/love someone and they feel the same way, live your life! well, I don’t like wasting time and we damn near did a 2 year relationship easily inside 6 months…. I won’t even front, my reputation for being a player was a bad one, but I CHANGED MY LIFESTYLE COMPLETELY 1000% for this woman when I found out she was carrying my seed. I even deleted many girl’s #’s out of my phone so she wouldn’t give me any shit about me fucking around or misbehaving…. I have many people who can testify this as well as her being pregnant. When I found out the good news about a baby on the way, I immediately called my best friend Jonas, called my dad/mom and sister and brother and told them I’m gonna be a dad….. oh and my cousins…. the problem is that I didn’t know she had a cocaine addiction and severe drinking problem. I knew she liked to drink and everyone who goes out knows she likes to drink…. but cmon now, you’re not that fucking stupid? you’re carrying a child? we’ve had 3 hour convo’s about how she is TOTALLY AGAINST abortion so why would you jeopardize the baby’s life? She seemed coherent when she agreed to stop any drinking (at worst, she said she may have a couple glasses of wine a week in the 1st trimester only when she’s super stressed) and so we started to proceed in parenthood. This would be her 2nd child, so I trusted her with all the prenatal caring and such…. we even had names ready, chloe if it was a girl, max if it was a boy…. she went to the doctor after the pregnancy tests to check on her and about 5 weeks pregnant the baby was the size of a pea I guess… anyways, I started to hawk over her, no lie I was very nervous and anxious for this baby as he or she was set to be born right around xmas…. I began to lay down some strict rules, I was dead ass serious about this baby. Sasha had promised that she would only work for a couple months until the 1st trimester was done so she could raise some money and she wanted this to be a secret because she said once promoters find out, they won’t hire her anymore. I said, fuck working, I can afford to hold you down, we have insurance, don’t trip…. but she proceeded to work her nightclub gigs and I didn’t know she was still drinking… she’d lie and say “oh I had a glass of wine” “I’m anxious, I’m gonna stop taking xanax”… low and behold, she was full of shit… she was drinking 5 to 6 shots of vodka, multiple glasses of champagne each night she was out and then to calm her nerves she’d do some bumps of that white stuff…. then after all that, she’d take a xanax to calm her down…. remember, it’d be so late at night that I was too tired to see if she had been drinking or not, her mom knew she was drinking but she’d lie to everyone and she’d try to cover every angle, but YOU CAN’T OUT HUSTLE A HUSTLER, especially one who is better than you! during her pregnancy, she didn’t come home 2 times which baffles me because she was out doing drugs and too drunk to make it home (none of friends knew she was pregnant, so they didn’t think it was a big deal, meanwhile I look like the crazy one?)… she was scared to tell people that she was pregnant which baffles me, not because the typical couple waits til the 1st trimester to make sure everything is cool… but because she didn’t want her friends to know or other people to know she was pregnant because then they wouldn’t serve her drinks…. well she went to Beijing, china and I demanded that she told her friends amber, lisa and thai that she was pregnant on that long trip to asia and of course she didn’t…. she got drunk there to the point of inebriation on the trip and I didn’t know til way after… She claims also, she didn’t want people in her business, so she was real big on keeping the baby private, she said, if she didn’t drink then girls would ask her, why isn’t she drinking? (umm how bout why don’t you mind your fucking business?) she was still sniffing and just acting out of her mind. Finally the day came where she was driving to an interview for a car show and she couldn’t make it because she had sharp pains hitting under her stomach… she pulled over and called me… I was driving near lax and she was at kaiser hospital off cadillac and la cienega, so I drove with the quickness, like I literally drove like a madman worried to death! when I get to the hospital, there sasha is in a frantic mood and just so hysterical I had to grab her tightly to calm her down…. she had what was inevitable… a miscarriage and it happened right in front of me and her, my baby girl or baby boy went down the toilet, then she took some blood tests to make sure she was okay and obviously she had lost the baby…. now I have a traditional mother, so I made sure to propose to her before having a baby and make sure we didn’t have a baby out of wedlock…. I felt it was the honorable thing to do in my mind… I was so excited about the baby and since some of her friends especially the one who is my homey who hooked us up together had nothing but good things to say about her, I kinda went in like the triple lindy dive. Sasha’s close friend had found out she was pregnant too, but unlike Sasha she got her shit straight and quit drinking and even faked like she was drinking so other girls wouldn’t question her… and because of some of Sasha’s dumb ass hormone issues, we missed her friend’s baby shower and for other reasons beyond our control.

After Sasha lost the baby, her hormones and body started to fight back and they took control of her… she started binge drinking again to the point of her getting belligerent and again with the coke…. she started to freak out and almost got me thrown out of my residence by the property management and HOA. She began to scream crazy and called the police acting reminiscent of ginger rothstein from the movie casino… her brother tried to calm her down, his new boyfriend even tried and he works for the district attorney’s office… she was out of control. she also had a 7am call time for Entourage the next day(when it came to a check, or good publicity, she’d never miss a job, no matter what, she’d miss her best friends wedding if the job was good enough), so she packed her shit and went to her brothers house, but later called me saying she missed me and that she’s sorry, she went crazy and begged me to please forgive her…. anyways, I proceed with the relationship and we wait a little while to try again…. but I start to have doubts and for good reasons…. I realized that the only thing she really cared about in this world was her brother and sometimes her mom and booking jobs… well to be honest, she’s the only 30 year old woman I know that is still gogo dancing and I told her, let’s figure out something you can do that’s outside the nightclubs because it’s obviously affecting you heavily and affecting our relationship, she agrees and is scared because it’s a hard transition to make… all she knows is dancing, car shows and semi-model gigs…. so even though I offered to pay for her bills, she’d rather work the few gigs she could get and kiss these promoters asses(who she always talked shit about on a regular basis) and I never understood why? for free drinks? for $200? fuck this and get a real job and start waking up before 4pm…. I don’t know why, but she had major trust issues with men that must stem from her childhood.. I don’t know. I hate secrets and she has waaay too many of them. but I proceeded with caution and from what I knew she had stopped doin coke and even slowed down on the drinking for a while…

I won’t lie, I had hopes of starting a family and honestly I thought at this age, Sasha has to realize I’m the best thing she has going for her… we eat well, she lives in a nice place, we travel, etc…. our sex life is even very healthy and we rarely fight(mostly because I let a lot of shit slide) Even after making things really cool with her baby’s dad, she still starts to fuck up, so he has to cc me the emails he sends to her so I can get on her on going to see her son and I did… btw, her baby’s dad has full custody of their son because one week a couple years ago Sasha was out getting drunk on her son’s school nights and he missed 4 days of school and the school finally called the dad because they were worried he might flunk 1st grade? like seriously? cmon… I actually felt bad. so anyways, she lost custody and I wanted to make things right… I’d drive her down to see her son and I even booked hotel rooms for us to stay at to make it more convenient, etc… I’d even give up our bed at home so that he could sleep comfortably…. there were so many sacrifices I made throughout this relationship it’s sad… I’m the kinda guy to where if you take 1 step towards me, I’d take 4 steps towards you. After making it cool with her baby’s dad, she’d still fuck up and not contact her son enough or make an effort to visit him more often, because she was more focused on gogo’ing or modeling than seeing him. But you see, I don’t doubt that in that screwed up mind of hers that she doesn’t love her son, I know she does in a very weird way…but I didn’t get involved outside that, I just opened my home to him as a good man should do. Sasha has her priorities fucked up and I hope for her sons sake and nobody elses that she gets it together

once the summer ended, she started to book less gigs, she thought it was because of haters(what she called them)… girls like Doannie or Carolyn or Jeri Lee who Sasha constantly talked shit about taking her jobs for less money and drugs… well she started to book gigs over in different areas out of town and 1 weekend I got booked to host an event at the same place she got booked to gogo and take pics…. so we take off to Orlando, I tell her to chill out with the drinking and relax and I got my boys with me, so don’t make me look bad, don’t act loose or so much like a lush…. of course she battles me on that, gets belligerently drunk again and we get back to the hotel and she can barely walk up to the room… one of her stalkers calls her phone at 3am, I’m like, now I aint trippin, but had that be a girl calling me, you’d declare world war III on me! so I ask why is this guy calling you? you sent dude a long email to leave you alone, he tried to propose to you at your brothers house, he posts pics of you and him from 10 months ago and you said you even tried to get a restraining order against him? you blocked him on facebook, bbm and all other areas, so like why do you invite bullshit or trouble into your life? because you’re worried that people will think you’re a bitch? who gives a fuck? she then begins to become outraged and livid and starts throwing shit, throwing cans of soda, acting out… mind you she’s 1/2 naked and she is SCREAMING ON THE TOP OF HER LUNGS! inside a hotel… obviously security comes and they have no choice but to call the police. I try to restrain her and she freaks out, never in my life have I hit a woman…. the police come, search me, they tell her to calm down and can see she is drunk out of her mind, but see some marks on her neck from me trying to hold her down from going crazy… I call my boy up, he comes to get me… meanwhile the police let me get my things and while I’m outside explaining my story, Sasha goes and takes my jewelry and hides it so she knows I have to come back and deal with her… at this point, she is just insane… I look like an asshole in front of the police because I’m taking so long to just find the jewels… so I just leave, check into another hotel and she calls my phone blowing me up because she’s scared that the police or the promoter is trying to make moves on her, she is refusing to let me get off the phone and I am like “YO, DID YOU NOT JUST SEE THE POLICE ESCORT ME OUT? TELL ME TO LEAVE AND IF I COME BACK, I’M GOING TO JAIL?” I’m not bout to get caught up….. anyways, the next night we go to our event, she promises to have 2 drinks before she dances… she takes a xanax(I had no idea)…. she drinks about 5 drinks real fast and her time comes up… she’s so sloppy and drunk, its pathetic, she’s almost falling over the stage and it’s just bad to the point where I’m just embarrassed for her… so I tell her it’s time to go, before you make yourself look any worse… thank god we get home to LA safely….

but more drama ensues… her pms and hormones get the best of her, she loses her mind again a few days later and right before our vacation to cabo… I don’t know what to say at this point, she gets up and leaves with her car keys and says fuck you, I hate you, I dont want to be with you, I say ok cool… bye, don’t come back crying later…. obviously I pack my shit and i’m still goin, she has nothing but some shorts(that’s her own problem for not grabbing her shit or keys) she’s a grown woman who has a severe temper problem. of course, she calls me frantic 20x apologizing and saying she’s sorry, she fucked up so badly, she can’t control her temper and she really wants to work things out AGAIN? I’m just over it and from there for real for real. she later begins to take her belongings out of the house and move them into her moms…. like do you really think I’m gonna hold your shit hostage? I’m more worried about my own personal belongings. It sucks to put this out there, but I paid the bills, the mortgage, all the above, I gave her carte blanche’ and she still didn’t appreciate shit. Every time she felt like she was in danger or needed someone, I was there like gangbusters! So fuck it, too bad, there’s so much more, but I’m getting tired and I just want the public to know the roller coaster ride I had to endure this past year, it’s more like Halloween horror nights which is more proper for this month.

the worst part about it is how much she talks shit about her friends… not her super close friends, but talking shit about her friend amber how she sleeps around and was pregnant by someone from the crooks camp, how she cheated on her bf in china & got a hickey out there and how she was fucking my homey Brent to the drama with her friend Lisa Kaye and how she had too much surgery and how she heard her bf was cheating on her with that fat lil dumpling Carolyn…. and Sasha got scared because she got caught up in some 3 way lie between Amber and Lisa and her boyfriend who was fucking around on her…. it’s like damn girl, do you have any respect? you call these girls your homey’s? she would freak out if I talked to Lisa Fleming and so I deleted her and avoided her, but she’d still be fake around her but steady talk shit. If I don’t like someone, then I say fuck you, die slow and don’t pretend if it’s that serious, no need to say shit behind their backs, I’ll confront them.

After all that bullshit, we now come to this past weekend where you made up a fake job/trip to Hawaii? and I got drama here to deal with and you lie about hanging out with one of your stalkers who you say you can’t stand and is delusional? I mean you burned your bridge with me. You have nothing on me, what could you say about me? you are a compulsive liar, every single one of your friends and ex-boyfriends know this. your baby daddy even co-signed on all your lies. you are foul.

don’t test me girl, I got more ether and much more ammo to destroy you. just crawl into your hole and accept the fact that you fucked up the best thing in your life. If anything, I made a huge mistake and I’m accepting it. Just leave well enough alone Sasha.

good riddance
you been dealing with herbs, but a man has finally put his foot down and you’re just a 30 year old broke homeless clueless heartless person with fake tits. great, go find a fob or sugar daddy who cares…

I’m not bitter, I’m done. you’re still begging me to work things out? what is there to work out?


p.s. that shit on the dirty wasn’t true, but I wish it was….

Thanks almondjoykisses for the head up

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  1. cliffs notes?

  2. can’t turn a ho into a housewife…

  3. here’s a tissue, you done crying yet?

  4. Roger that captain. Project “Ho to Housewife” has failed. Please be aware that further missions may be attempted by other organizations.
    These attempts will also fail completely.

  5. This blog has made my day! She is a total coke whore and i’ve been waiting for karma to strike her. Think this blog works way better, and this is from another girl in the same scene.

  6. wow… u need to write a book.
    i don’t care what you say about just blogging, but a book is what you need to write next!!
    i found this blog very entertaining!

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  8. yo ben seriously i agree with Lynn Nguyen that you sir need to write a book…good to meet you out in houston at sf2

  9. Damn she got owned lulz

  10. Damn, crazy shit considering I know all of the people you mentioned. I think i’m going to keep my dick out of harm’s way hahaha. Good shit and thanks for the heads up bro.

  11. Damn all of them bitches got tossed under the bus. I’m sure it was well deserved. Bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks!

  12. i have always looked at these girl’s wishing i looked like them because in my eyes they were so beautiful … but then i read this & i am just in awe!! i am so glad that i am slowly getting out of the same scene .. or that i didn’t make the scene #1 priority!

    i can honestly say i almost went down this path … i am so glad i woke up and smelt the effin coffee LOL …

    but good for you, i am glad you got away from that. i just hope your experience does not ruin it for the next deserving lady who crosses your path … ya heard?!

  13. result…GIGGITY GIGGITY GOO!!!

  14. Cliffs:

    Dude starts dating import model.

    Gets import model pregnant because he figures her biological clock is ticking and she has her shit together (even though he knows she has an eight-year-old she neglects/sees once every three months or so).

    Import model drinks and does blow until she miscarries after telling boyfriend she’s not drinking or doing blow.

    Import model and boyfriend ride the make-up-break-up-carousel for a few months while she gets more and more crazy.

    Boyfriend bitches out and writes a blog about what a **** import model is.

  15. CasinHos looks awesome!

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  17. Ben,
    I’ve learned in life that you can’t expect other people to act as you do. Meaning, just because you’re a good person, with values, respect and love, doesn’t mean anyone else has to act this way. I’ve been with strippers, gogo’s etc and i can tell you that their mindset is different than ours homie. They’re foul, and don’t have the capability to be in an honest, loving and mutually respectful relationship. Keep your head up big pimp, you’ve got heart, money, style and smarts……you don’t got a damn thing to worry about.

  18. You seem like a honest hard working guy. Very upfront and I love it! email me anytime if you wanna chit chat…

  19. ive got nothing but respect fo you Ben B!

  20. reading this really made my day, n i learned a lot from it, c guys like me dont have everything u got, n i thought u was a lucky guy wit her, guess i was wrong, n she was lucky to have a guy like u. We need more honest men to man up like dis cuz even men like us have a soft spots, best thing i read all year thanks much respects

  21. Wow… This is sad to hear. Every couple should have a Cinderella story, but one or the other has to f**k it up. People just can’t understand, appreciate,, and sacrifice for love anymore. Now-a-days, maybe guys should look for 5′s and 6′s, instead of 7′s to 10′s in the rate-your-looks scale. A “normal” looking female would not have too much, crazy, jealous ego. BTW, you can always turn a 5 or 6 into a 10 with the right make-up and clothes.

  22. there might be some truth to all of that. where are all my 7s at????

  23. 7′s, 8′s, 9′s, and possibly 10′s keep changing. As they age, they will turn into 6′s and 5′s and gradually decrease. You know how it is. Even surgeries won’t help. People now just don’t know what’s real anymore. All they know is pollution, money, and flashy shows. Whatever to all that. If a man can find a real woman, or if a real woman can find a real man, then I wish them the best to settling down and embracing each other, forever. Start a family. Take care of each other’s baggage, if any, in the name of love. Utopia (black comedy, satire) is great to read if you dig what I’m saying.

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