Not sold on Yeezus? Here’s a guide to help you respect the depth of this Kanye’s possible genius.

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The Definitive Guide to Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’ Album Credits
By Lee Mills, Steven J. Horowitz, Rebecca Haithcoat and Kristen Yoonsoo Kim • June 20, 2013
Kanye recruited a gargantuan list of artists and musicians to help bring his latest album to life. But who exactly are they? Click through to find out.

When Kanye West records albums, it isn’t just a one-man operation. The Louis Vuitton Don most recently dropped off his sixth solo album Yeezus (Def Jam) this past Tuesday (June 18), crafting one of the most highly anticipated records of the year. But it was down to the wire: rumor has it that he didn’t finish recording until just over a week before its release date, and he brought in veteran producer Rick Rubin to serve as executive producer just two weeks shy of release date.

But ’Ye made the deadline, and it’s clear why: he’s been working on this album for a minute, based on the ample number of names dotting the liner notes. The speculation ran rampant leading up to the LP’s release on who exactly was involved, and on which song. But the credits weren’t officially revealed until the album was officially in stores, when Mr. West posted a PDF on his site. And like with most Kanye releases, it took an army to build a Yeezus nation.

Writers on the album run across the board, including R&B singers like Jill Scott, Charlie Wilson and Frank Ocean as well as rappers Chief Keef and Lupe Fiasco. On the production end, ’Ye’s got Daft Punk on board for a few tracks, and he links back up with frequent collaborators Mike Dean, Anthony Kilhoffer and Noah Goldstein. The credits are extensive, but we’ve got you covered, breaking down the cast of characters that made Yeezus.

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