Rihanna, Kanye and Jay-Z to open new Jay Leno show; No more Doublemint Gum for Chris Brown; The High Court’s First Latina-Sonia Sotomayor; RIP John Hughes;

Posted by flashpointgrafix on August 6, 2009 »

Jay Leno pulls in Jay-Z to perform “Run This Town” from his forthcoming Blueprint 3. Rihanna & Kanye will complete the trio for the September 14th debut of “The Jay Leno Show” Read it here

Wrigley had previously “suspended” their campaign with Chris Brown after the incident with Rihanna, saying they “believe Mr. Brown should be afforded the same due process as any citizen.” Read it here

Sotomayor was easily confirmed in a 68-31 vote. Nine Republicans joined a unanimous Democratic caucus in supporting her nomination. Read it here

John Hughes – 1950-2009. Hughes, famous for classic 80s movies like “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” “Pretty in Pink,” “Weird Science,” and “Sixteen Candles”, died of a heart attack in New York.

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