Rikki’s Top 5 Neighborhood Interviews of 2012

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My favorite neighborhood interviews from this year include alien talk, admitting to using a ghostwriter, controversial figures having controversial rants, the making of legendary hip hop tracks and opening up about losing loved ones. “Don’t believe me, just watch…”

5. Lupe Fiasco -┬ábecause he made me, and I’m sure many others, feel ok with believing in aliens lol Lupe dropped by and shared with us his own extra-terrestrial encounter

4.The RZA – man, for me, just having him in the neighborhood, LEGENDARY! Then to hear RZA talk about the making of C.R.E.A.M., I’m still in awe.

3. Mike Tyson/Chris Brown – Alright I had to group these together cuz I dig these interviews for the same reason, their craziness lol. Chris really let loose with the neighborhood after a year of silence interview-wise

Mike shares that same “looseness” as Chris in his interview. Plus, Mike’s account of his relationship with Pac has to be one of the most gripping to me.

2.Nas – interviewing Nas was crossed off my bucketlist this year, he came in and spoke on who his ghostwriters are, how Biggie’s “Juicy” record was supposed to be his at first, his first rhyme ever and the advice Notorious B.I.G. once gave him

1.Kid Cudi - I’ve re-listened to this interview over and over throughout this year. Cudi, man, the passion this dude has for his art and the emotion he has no problem letting out plus his jokey personality is why he’s my top interview of this year. Dude came in on the heels of his WZRD album dropping and talked giving up cursing, giving up rap, working with Yeezy, the passing of Ben Breedlove, the passing of his own father, and his very open and heated response to his label not supporting his rock album like he thought they would.

-Cheers to this coming year, many more great interviews to be held, and moments to be shared with our culture, from inside Big Boy’s Neighborhood. Yes.

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