Wiz Khalifa & Snoop Dogg respond to Waka Flocka’s diss on Wiz

Posted by Rikki on January 10, 2012 »

Ok first, the backstory: last month, Waka Flocka named Wiz Khalifa as one of the artists who are “all hype” and have “no swag” in an interview at Shade 45. Check it and Wiz’s response after the jump.

So when Wiz and Snoop stopped by the neighborhood, I had to ask how Wiz felt about the diss, knowing the two were once buddies. Here’s what him and Snoop had to say about it all as well as Snoop speaking on why he rides so hard for Wiz.

Wiz responds to Waka Flocka diss by rikkimaa

Dope to see the camaraderie between Snoop & Wiz in person, and hope to see this Wiz/Waka beef settled peacefully, just roll up and hash it out you two.

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