Coco’s big butt runs in the family

Posted by Nicky on September 21, 2010 »

Coco is Ice T’s big booty wife – who has a butt that is arguably larger than Nicki Minaj’s.
Word around the camp fire is that Coco’s is fake…well it looks like her little sister has cakes just like her!

Click below for the big butt pic. Real or fake?!

Sister to the left. Coco to the right.

3 Responses to “Coco’s big butt runs in the family”

  1. Who cares men don’t care about that stuff only hatin women try to down other women who get surgical procedures to enhance themselves!

  2. i dont know dont care i a gotta say is ” thickness is my weakness ”
    omg those are some serious cakes ther boy.

  3. ice t is one lucky puppy were can i find me a wife like that:0 coco i love you

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