How many album copies did Drake sell in his first week? Numbers are in!

Posted by Nicky on June 22, 2010 »

According to Hit Daily Double, Drake’s debut album Thank Me Later sold …..
462,989 copies within the first week.

No where near a milli album sells, but Thank Me Later will enter the Billboard charts tomorrow at number one as the highest selling debut this year.

400k is still a high number, considering today’s music industry. Can you imagine how many he would have sold if that leak didn’t happen? Yeezus!

8 Responses to “How many album copies did Drake sell in his first week? Numbers are in!”

  1. damn..i kno it woulda been ah real big # so bumd it got leakd. im glad i got my album copy. drizzy♥drake

  2. glad i got mine…. luv ur music drake….

  3. Wayne had 500,000 copies leak & he still sold 1.5milli so Dats no excuse Drake album was alright so far gone was way better 2 much singing its a r&b album

  4. Whoa! That’s mad crazy for a new artist with a leaked album, in this economy! Dude if Drake wasn’t so good looking there is no way that album woulda sold that many copies! I’m just barely tolerating his awkward messy-ass flow on the radio!

    Dear God please help Aftermath and Shady Records grow so they can continue to support new artist & REAL Rap & Hip Hop! Please BIG Numbers this week for Em’s DOPE New Album! GGGGGGG-Unit!

  5. I was one of Drakes biggest supporters before this ablum. I loved his music. I loved the way he was saying that he was different. Then I sat back and waited to hear him say something different, and this is what he came with. Complete dissapointment from one of your biggest fans drizzy.

  6. O_O man!!! that sounds like a lot… its true though, if it hadn’t been leaked it probably would of sold so much more…..but Drake’s has to be one of the greatest “debuting male artist”

  7. eminem killed you hahaha

  8. eminem cd murders this one…have trouble understanding why he cant really sing that well

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